About Us

Located in the heart of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, PRECISE was established in 2002 where we started by opening a retail outlet in Dubai Duty Free at Dubai International Airport. We introduced the first 3D crystal laser engraving technology to the Middle East which led to a number of business opportunities from creative personalization and customisable products to merchandising development. We today have exclusive distribution rights for many well-known products in the Middle East.

PRECISE prides itself on being at the cutting edge of both technology innovation and services. With a team of over 100+ skilled staff, strategically located in Dubai Investment Park 2 within a large modern production facility, we are able to serve not only, the UAE but also the entire Middle East market, receiving and distributing products. All that experience will be used to help you. Being at the forefront of 3D innovative printing solutions, product distribution and personalisation concepts, we have continued to grow and add to our product portfolio to meet our customers’ needs.

PRECISE continually prove to be a unique and sound choice for great quality products and services. Our ability to think of fresh concepts and products based on the individual client rather than providing the readily available standard / common promotional items. It is the small, simple and perfect things that make great things happen. We will be forever curious and interested in you the client and any future product ideas and vision that we accomplish together.