Video Brochure



Benefits of Video Card

Video Cards are printed brochures that have interactive digital pages built within.  It is the incorporation of the LCD screen that drives and delivers powerful information solutions that can generate targeted leads and ROI.

Interactive and Powerful marketing tool

Video is certainly one of the most powerful marketing tools being used on the internet. How companies market a service or product has undergone a massive change recently with the explosion of internet video marketing.

Data generation and lead gathering

Video Card delivers better information and on-going selling potential. An advantage that video Cards offer is that it delivers a direct and targeted way to gather leads and data.

Measure ROI

Marketing communication campaigns need to be measured.  When sending out video Cards  you are driven to distribute the data to the key contacts.

Enhanced communication

Video production services are becoming a cost effective solution on a global scale. Video quality and distribution methods are rising and the accessibility to view video has never been easier.

Enhanced results

Unlike printed media on its own, digital-physical fusion can offer the updating of the video message different times.  And then the physical video card can be linked to an online area via unique codes, QR codes, PURL’s and Digital Key web-key, the updating of fresh content becomes even more powerful and flexible.


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