Promotional Power Banks 6500 mAh


Juice Up Power Bank 6500 mAh

  • Input: 5v, 2.1A and Output: 5v, 2.1A
  • Charging Time: 4-7 hours
  • Size: 95 x 63 x 28 mm
  • Features: 2 Slot USB port LED Flash Light Digital Screen Display Pouch with Zipper Packing Multihead Cable included.

Printing Options :

  • UV Printing
  • Silk Screen Printing
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Power Bank is high potential with the capacity of 6500mAh that can without much of a stretch charge different devices. This Portable Power Bank is made of high quality Plastic material with the weight of 0.127 kg. Your Fast Battery Charger has a High LED light altered inside on the front that gives it a sophisticated look. Its double USB port makes it easy it for the users as it has the capacity to charge two devices simultaneously.  This Extended Battery Charger has a printing alternative that can print your logo on it in a very fine way that can easily catch people’s attention. These professionally outlined logos are constantly appreciated because you can also print your logo on the front of this Customized Power Bank to promote a brand. You can have some extra features that comes with it is a USB cable, i-Pad connector and i-phone connector which is widely in these days.


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