Promotional USB Flash in White Swivels

Promotional White Swivel USB Drives

  • Material : Metal & Plastic
  • Metal Swivel Color: White
  • Available Capacity : 4, 8, 16 & 32GB.

Printing Options :

  • Full color UV Printing
  • Screen Printing
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Snow White Swivel Flash Drive is simple yet works more than an ordinary product. It has three different storage capacities that are 4GB, 8GB and 16GB respectively that stores hundreds of files including projects and important data. This Personalized Swivel Flash Drive has various glowing colors that include red, green and yellow and some polite colors like white, grey and black that can be given according to your requirement.   This Custom Flash Drive has a small hole on the top of the cover these flash drives are in, that can be used to be placed in a keychain so that a person don’t forget it while in a hurry. We’re also providing some printing options to you so that you can draw your company’s logo on to these Whole Sale Flash Drives to promote your brand in a more official manner. People will love to have such colored flash drives along with the quality and a standard emblem.


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