Universal Travel Adapters White


Promotional Travel Adapters

  • High Quality & Portable with 4 types of Plug ( UK, AUS, USA, EURO )
  • Input : AC 6A Max. 100-240 Vac 56/60Hz
  • Output : USB 1000mA Max. +5V DC.

Printing Options :

  • UV Printing
  • Silk Screen Printing
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Imagine, while traveling, not being able to use your favorite electronics like mobile, laptop, camera, shaver, many other necessary items, just because your power plug does not match the socket.

Power Travel Adapters are one of the most important things that travelers should carry (after their passport). The shape of the power outlets differ in different countries and chances are that your electronics may not connect to the electrical socket in other countries that you will visit. Our Universal Travel Adapter can connect you in over 150 countries. It has the connections for USA, Europe, UK, Australia and many other countries.


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